Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Help Wanted

We are looking for help. We only ask that you are healthy and have not been sick or around anyone sick for 7 days (including no cold sores/fever blisters). If you have had this years flu shot and DTAP(tetnus pertussis vaccine) then you can hold/play with babies.

We need any and all to help with house and big boys. The big boys need someone to sit on the floor or table and play legos, cars, read books and do art projects.

Our mountain of clean clothes needs to be folded, a vacuum needs to go over the floors, the dishes need to be emptied and placed in the dishwasher. A few counters could be wiped down too.

We are so busy just getting by. The babies are fed, played with and clean. We are trying our best with everything else and failing.

You will be paid with tremendous gratitude, smiles, thank yous and a fun experience. Our house is full of excitement and there is never a dull moment.

I hope to hear from any applicants soon.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank you Siri and Diane

Having triplets is an amazing adventure. I am so thankful for my five children. They bring me a tremendous amount of love, laughter and joy. It is a lot of work too. We have had a few volunteers who have helped us. Most we saw once or twice, which was a great help.

We would love to have help every day even once a week. Anything is great. But there are two amazing women who have been so generous to our family. I will always remember them. The sweet acts and support that they have given our family is unforgettable.

I did not know Siri prior to having the babies. I was advised to try to find volunteers so I e-mailed post partum doulas and asked if they would volunteer. Siri is one that answered my call. She was coming twice a week for four hours a time. She even hires a babysitter so she can come on Wednesdays. That is extreme generosity. She would work so hard when she came. She always spends time with the older boys and plays with them. She always ensures the dishes are done and the kitchen cleaned. She always offers an ear to listen to all this busy Momma is going through. She is a wonderful person and we are so thankful for her. She is gentle with our little ones and treats them with such care. She has a great spirit and we are so fortunate to have had her in our family.

We met Diane through the triplets Occupational Therapist Judy (a wonderful woman who makes the best zuccini bread on the planet and has a sweet niece who has come over to help a few times). Diane is fantastic. She came to our house and is always smiling and happy with a tremendous amount of energy. She treated our little ones like they were her own. With great respect and care. She always ensured our mountain of clean clothes were folded and put away. One night she took care of the babies downstairs so we could all eat a hot dinner together. We had the baby monitor on in case she needed anything. We heard her gently calming the babies. We went to check on her and she was taking turns holding the one that needed attention. She was very busy with all three. When I woke up the next day I found a big pile of clothes that had been folded by flashlight. She works from the second she comes in to our home until she leaves.

These two amazing women were strangers to us. Two women who work so hard and have so much care and generosity to offer.

I am very independent and it is hard for me to ask or accept help. These women always knew what we needed and took care of so much. It is amazing how strangers have worked harder and done more for us than friends or family. Our home is overwhelming and I understand that, but these women can handle it and they excel at caring for us and supporting us as we learn the rhythm of our family of seven.

Thank you Siri and Diane. Both of you are amazing, generous, caring superwomen. I am so grateful for both of you and all you have done. You are always welcome at our home.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am a busy busy Momma!!

Who knew that having five children at home would make the day flash by. Here is a typical day:

Wake up at 7 -7:30 whenever the boys climb into bed asking if they can go upstairs.
The babies also wake up near this time to eat.

I go upstairs and prepare bottles for all three (still not enough breastmilk, I will not give up though). Come down and feed and change babies, they are usually sleepy enough to go to sleep after eating. I put in a load of laundry.

By the time we get upstairs on a good day it is 10-10:30am (today was a rough day and it was noon. I feed my big boys breakfast. They usually have a bite of granola or something while I am making bottles,at 7 but I feel so bad that they have to wait so long to eat. We usually eat steel cut oats that I put on low while making the bottles earlier
We are usually just finishing breakfast and the babies wake up to eat. I clean and make bottles and head downstairs to feed them.

I feed babies and get them cleaned and change their clothes. The boys and I hang out playing with babies, I will put the tv on for Kai and Kian while I take care of the babies. They often play with legos or draw.

We are usually upstairs by 1 or 1:30. I make the boys lunch. On most days the babies start to wake when we are finishing lunch. Sometimes I have time to empty the dishwasher and start loading it. The boys have time to play in the living room.

We are back downstairs to feed, change and play with babies. Sidney usually comes home as we are finishing up.

The boys play with Sidney while I try to get caught up on things. Then I start dinner.

Sidney feeds or helps feed babies as I make dinner.

Every night we eat dinner together. I make sure the boys and I eat breakfast and lunch together at the table and we eat dinner too. Even if it is just a grilled cheese sandwich we do it. This is so important to me. Growing up we never ate at a table together. I really enjoy the time with my family.

The babies usually wake to eat while we are eating dinner or they have already woken and Sidney and I are each holding one or two.

By the time all that is done it is 7 or so. I change the babies and get them ready for bed. Sidney sometimes helps with a bottle if it is not too late. The boys play with legos after we get them ready for bed.

Sidney and the boys are usually in bed by 9, hopefully earlier but sometimes later.

I feed the babies. A lot of times they are fussy and want to stay up for awhile. I play with them and feed them if they are still hungry.

I go back upstairs and clean the kitchen and straighten up, I take a shower and usually hear the babies waking up. I try to put a load of laundry in. If I do not wash the diapers each night then we will not have enough for the next day. Thankfully Sidney will put a load in before he leaves if I was not able to.

I take care of all feedings until midnight. I do their last feeding at 12 or 1. I am usually to bed by 2. Sidney wakes up at 2:30 or 3 and take care of that feeding so I can sleep. He tries to feed them and top them off as late as possible so they will sleep until 7 or 8 so I can get some sleep.

Add more laundry and pumping to the schedule. I usually fold clothes once a week. I will fold them in a few minutes then feed the babies. I think the feedings take so long because I add breastfeeding in there. I breastfeed then top off with formula. It takes a long time to do. I think it is worth it and I truly hope I will have more milk. Brielle nurses the most and River barely at all. River cannot tolerate the low flow and needs more milk. We use a supplemental nurser and that helps, but adds an additional 15-30 minutes to a feed and if I did it every time then I would not be able to feed the big boys. I can pump small amounts and I usually give it to River. The babies are still in therapy for their feeding. Liam has a very weak suck, none of them have a super strong suck. We are revisiting the physical therapist next week and hopefully the occupational therapist after that. River and Liam had a posterior tongue tie and had that clipped. I think it has helped Liam. His suck is getting stronger. It seems to have helped his cry too. It is louder, which is a good thing.

Each day goes by so quickly. I wish I had more time to spend with Kai and Kian and I wish we had the money to hire a house cleaner. We have had to accept a new degree of clean. It is hard, but there is no time in the day to do the cleaning we are use to. I know it will get easier. There have been a few nights that I have fallen asleep between those late night feedings and the babies slept until Sidney woke up. I think it has happened twice. I am waiting for that to happen more. I am looking forward to more sleep. I feel for Sidney he works full time and works so much at home. He needs a few days off to sleep. He falls asleep talking to us and feeding babies. He is doing so much. He is so sweet and gentle towards the babies and still finds time with the big boys.

Even though our days are a blur I love each and every minute (even the times I sit there crying from exhaustion and impatience) . Kai and Kian are beautiful little guys. They are learning to spend more time together and even though they fight so much they are finding their way together. The little ones are a joy too. River loves to smile, she smiles and laughs at everything. Brielle smiles too but is so very serious. When she hears Kai and Kian she searches for them. She loves to look at them up close. Liam is a beautful whiny little guy. It takes a lot to soothe him. He is awake a lot. He is starting to smile more and really just wants to hang out in our arms. Brielle also loves to be close to us, River finds peace wherever she is. Though we like to keep her close too.

That is a day in our life. We had a great volunteer that was coming over a few times a week she would hold and settle babies and fold our mountains of clothes. She has left town for a few weeks. My mom can handle a few hours a week and she comes and cleans the kitchen and living room and sometimes makes cookies, that is all she can handle. We still appreciate it. I really wish we had more help. I have the babies taken care of. I have a rhythm and can do it. The house and chores need help and the boys need more one on one attention. We are all making it through though. It will all work out. I hope to look back at these busy days with peace and remember them fondly. I would not trade them for anything. They are all so truly beautiful.

We finally got a vehicle we can all fit into. We bought a 2008 12 passenger van. I really thought it would be so big and we would have so much space, but 5 large car seats take up a lot of room. I am so happy we did not get a minivan. There is no way we would have fit in it. The older boys love the van, we can finally leave the house. Here is a picture of us at the zoo. We started the day at 7am and worked towards getting out of the house and finally arrived at the zoo at 1pm. It takes a lot of time to mobilize. We had a fantastic time, the boys were able to feed the penguins.
I have Liam in a baby carrier here is the view of everyone (except me and Liam).
It was so funny one of the zookeepers said "please tell me you do not have triplets" as she patted me on the back. I think she was shocked I was out by myself with all of them. It was a bit of work especially as we sat at an exhibit in the chilly weather tandem breastfeeding. Good thing the zoo was not too busy. It is quite the sight I am sure. A lady with a two babies at the breast, two boys running around and another sleeping in a stroller. It was great, Sidney met us after work and was able to run around with the older boys.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9 weeks

A fantastic photographer Emily Weaver Brown took this beautiful photo. She worked so hard and finally got all three babies to sleep. It is the sweetest most peaceful photo of them.

All is well here as we find our rhythm as a family. Each day is different and we learn something everyday. All babies are breastfeeding! I am still having supply issues, but I am ecstatic that they have all gained strength and skill to be able to do it. I can even nurse two at a time. We have received some wonderful help from a breastfeeding doctor, occupational therapist and physical therapist. I was taught exercises and tech

niques to help them improve their feeding skills. each of the providers have been phenomenal. The occupational therapist has been so generous and even came to our house.

Brielle, Liam and River are growing and doing new things each day. Brielle rolled over for the first time during their photo shoot, they are all smiling and are more alert each day. Kai and Kian are having

fun being big brothers. They are so gentle and sweet with their little brother and sisters.

Kai with Liam

Kian with River

A post from Daddy...

I thought I lost all my inspiration and desire to write, until today. Today I am in wonder and I stand in awe of all that has been given to me. My beautiful wife Kari, who has taught me to trust love and know that it will not fail you and to behold the wonder of each moment of life and to believe in myself. Kari I will love you until the end of time.

I have never been a religious person, but in our children’s eyes I see the spirit of what is truly divine, and holy. There is no greater treasure in the world. As Kahlil Gibran wrote ~they are the sons and daughters of life longing for its self. When our first son Kai was born it was one of the happiest days of my life and for two years Kari and I surrounded him with all the love we possessed. He was our world. Next came Kian. With his birth I believed my world was complete. My beautiful Wife and two handsome boys I had all I ever wished for. But the story was not yet complete. In March we found out we were having triplets!!! In an instant there was a strange mixture of joy and fear. Joy because of the miracle we were a part of and fear because I was not prepared for this gift. Those days were the most stressful times of my life. We had little idea of the road ahead and of our days and nights to come. My days were filled with worry for my Wife and our unborn children and my nights were spent tying to calm my mind and believe we would find a way. There were many doctor appointments including ultrasounds, non-stress test, as well of warnings that Kari may be on bed rest and the babies in the NICU. My wife Kari was amazing, there are no words I have express what she did each day. She took care of the household, our two children and me. She went to most doctor appointments by herself. She was a fierce advocate for our children’s well being and she was determined to keep those three blessings with her as long as it was medically safe. She fought through worry, fear and frustration. I know very little of childbirth but I believe women are born with an amazing instinct. I told Kari to always no mater what trust her instinct. I spent each day afraid hoping everything would be okay.

.August 19, 2011 arrived and so did our three little ones. The day our children came into the world I was filled with complete joy and a rich happiness. I never fathomed having a child in the NICU, but there we were with all three there. Only families of multiple children can understand the swirling winds of this beautiful and chaotic life.

I held my Wife’s hand and caressed her hair as Kari delivered Brielle then River followed by Liam. The staff was exceptional. They were at ease as they cared for each child that was given to there individual team. When I saw Liam I could see his chest rise and fall as he labored for breath. I was reassured he was ok he just needed some assistance. The girls looked fine, considering they were premature. They were placed in their plastic pods and examined. Once I knew Kari was stable I escorted our children with the help of the neonatologists and nurses to their room. When we arrived I watched our children go through further test and I could hear all their cries. A feeling of absolute helplessness took over me. I tried to attend to the babies as much as I could. As I came to each one the attending staff explained everything they were doing and why. This gave me a welcomed sense of calm. I’ll move forward to the days and nights spent in the NICU, which were frightening. The weeks spent in the NICU were spiritually, emotionally and physically exhausting. The Nursing staff was wonderful. And there were those who rose beyond their medical duty. Kari and I have already thanked them for their kindness and their wisdom, we will never forget them. The homecoming was an event pars none. The ever-flowing cycle of feedings, burping, diaper changes, bottle washings napping and did I mention we have a five and two year old sons. I am not complaining I love my life I am blessed beyond measure.

I want to thank all the wonderful people who offered help, meals and advice. Also the unselfish doulas that volunteered. They sacrificed their time with their families to help us in every way. Their was even one who spent money out of her own pocket to have a sitter take care of her children while she came to our house and worked non stop. We are so grateful for the time all of you have given us. Weather it is five minutes or five hours they were with us, we are thankful. A dear thank you to Cay and Shawn, your help early on enabled us to go to the NICU and for me to be in the hospital with Kari as she recovered. You both entertained and took great care of the boys. Thank you to all the staff of Evergreen Hospital who worked hard in assisting the babies, which enabled them to come home. Thank you to all the people who reached out to help. You are cut from a different cloth because kindness comes so easily to you.

I wrote this poem for Kari a few years ago and for some reason since the babies have come it’s always on my mind

The waves can find their way to shore from distant lands we can’t explore

And love can bind world’s set apart

To make the two a single heart

I love you Kari.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

6 weeks and everyone's home!!

We are all home together, the first time together as a family of 7. I am so happy. It feels so good to have everyone home. Liam came home on Wednesday. He pulled his feeding tube out earlier in the week and his FANTASTIC nurse Shari left it out and let the other nurses know he was doing well and as long as he was eating there was no need to put it back in. That was exactly what needed to happen. When he eats I need to support his chin and push his cheeks a bit forward and in, but each day he is getting stronger.

Here are the three little ones on Wednesday night.

Sidney has a few more days off of work, he has been working so hard. Liam takes 25-45 minutes to feed and I need both hands so Sidney takes both girls and feeds them. I am not sure how I will do it in a few days when he goes back to work. We'll figure it out though. Maybe I can stagger their feeds.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 weeks

We are all getting adjusted to late night wakings. Liam is still in the hospital. It is the funniest thing the girls and Liam, though separated love to party at night. All of them are most active during the late night hours.

Liam is doing great. He is working at getting stronger and learning how to eat. Last night was his best night and each day he is eating more and more by the bottle. I fed him the other night using suggested techniques of holding his chin and cheeks while he eats. It was tricky and he was tired.

We want him home and are looking forward to the day we are all together. It has been really tricky some days getting to the hospital. We are still driving a Camry so we can't all go to the hospital together. I don't have anyone to watch the older boys so I have to wait until Sidney gets home from work. He has been working long hours so there are days I miss going to the hospital to see Liam. Those are the hardest days. It is so unnatural to be separated from a baby. I love that little guy (all of them) and miss him so much!

I took some photos of all the babies together when I was there yesterday. They were so relaxed and loved sleeping together.

I will write more later Brielle is and River are awake.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 weeks

Brielle and River are home and having fun. Kai and Kian are so in love with their little brother and sisters. The two girls are pretty active at night and waking quite a bit. During the day they are more mellow and sleep a lot longer. It is so nice to have them home and we really hope Liam will be home soon. Liam is working on feeding and getting stronger. We miss him so much. Now that Sidney is back at work we take turns going to spend time with Liam. When I go I take the girls with me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We are so excited to have folks meet our little ones. The next few days are going to be very busy, after that just call or e-mail and let us know if you would like to stop by.

We have been given some pretty strict recommendations by the NICU doctor and nurses. We need to ensure our little ones stay healthy.

The following is not intended to exclude anyone or to hurt feelings. It must be adhered to. We will do whatever we can to keep our little ones safe. I hope you understand and help us.

1. Only folks over age 18 can stop by. Younger ones may inadvertently bring in a virus.

2. If you have or have been near anyone with the following plea
se wait a few weeks to visit: cold sore, fever blister, sore throat, coughing, rash, fever sneezing, or have a cold, flu or bacterial infection. If you feel sick or have been near anyone who is sick please wait a few weeks.

3. If you smoke, you will not be able to hold the babies. Cigarette smoke stays on your hair and clothes and the chemicals could harm the little ones sensitive lungs.

4. If you have had the following vaccines you will have to wait, they contain a live virus that has the possibility of being transmitted: shingles, chicken pox or Mumps Measles and Rubella.

5. You will need to remove your shoes, coat or sweater and wash hands as you come into the house.

6. If the babies are sleeping we need you to wait and pick them up when they are awake.

I know that is a lot to ask. We hope any visitors understand.


Here is how the gals like to travel these days. They are in a Mei Tai baby carrier together. If anyone knows of a crafty sewer please let me know. I want to have a wider Mei Tai made to carry all three.

Brielle and River home waiting on our Liam...

Brielle was the first to come home on September 1st, we were so excite and surprised how quickly she was ready. River came home on the 4th. Liam will soon follow. He is working on growing and eating. We miss him so much.

I am still having breastfeeding issues. Everyday is a new day and I know this hard work will pay off. I know a day soon, I will awake to plenty of milk for my little trio. It is so difficult not being able to provide my little ones with my breastmilk. I am trying to relax and know with time it will happen. The lactation consultants have been phenomenal!

Here is Brielle's first bath at home in their little "tummy tub" and River on the sling. They both loved the water.

Here is my Mom with Brielle. My Mom has been a great help. She is in love with these sweet little ones.

Liam's had his first bath. We just did his first bath today. I asked them to wait until I was able to do it. He has soft curly hair like his sisters. He was so happy to sit in the water without any cords or monitors.

We are so happy to have our 2 gals home and we are eagerly awaiting Liam. Kai and Kian love their little brother and sisters. They have helped so much when they visit the NICU. They both sing to them and hold the babies heads. They even helped change diapers! The nurses were great when the boys visited and did all they could to make it a great experience for all of us.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Life with triplets in the NICU

River in the open crib
Liam in the open crib
Brielle in the open crib
I am holding Brielle and Liam

The babies have been in the NICU for ten days. I must say it is very hard. One of the most difficult things I have ever done. It is so unnatural to have children separated from their parents.

I feel sad when we leave our older boys because I know they miss us so much and I really miss them. I feel so sad when we leave the babies because we miss them so much.

With that being said the babies are beautiful. I am tremendously in love with them. They each are still small and so young, but already developing their own little personalities. Liam is the smallest and still having some respiratory issues. He is doing much better now. He is starting to cry a robust cry and getting stronger every day. The babies were all moved to a large crib yesterday. They are finally together again. They can smell each other and touch each other. They even have clothes on which makes them look less clinical and more like babies ready to come home.

Brielle is the front runner and may be the first to come home. She is still having some oxygen saturation issues but just periodically. Once she learns how to feed from a nipple fully and without issue she will come home! River is right behind her and still having a few cardiac episodes, they too will hopefully fade and once she can feed she will come home. Liam may be a week behind his sisters. His air flow is going down and now only at 1. I have had him to the breast a few times and am waiting for him to feed. The girls can feed, but my supply is so low they tire quickly. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

The babies are so lucky to have some really great nurses and doctors caring for them. The lactation consultants (some are also the babies nurses so they can help while we visit too) are great too and are helping as my supply comes in.

I am determined to exclusively breastfeed these sweet little ones. It is really going poorly though. We have invested a lot of money in donor milk because mine has not come in yet. I sit here pumping and each time eagerly look at the amount and hope for more. I am only getting 5-10ml from one and 25-40ml from the other. It is not enough to feed even one baby. I am not sure what the issue is this time. I breastfed Kai and Kian for over 2.5 years without issue. This time even with pumping every 2 hours during the day and every 3-4 at night. I am still not getting milk in. We will have to start supplementing with some formula today. I cry every time I think of it. I want our little ones to be able to grow on my milk. I will keep going it is so important to me. I was getting only 3-5 hours of sleep a night. The last 3 nights I got 7-10 hours and I am hoping the extra sleep will help.

The pain has been gone for many days and I have been off all pain medicine since. I have been up doing all normal activities and going to see the babies every day. Everyday I heel a bit more and feel better. As a family we are getting back to normal, a new degree of normal. Kai and Kian still need more time with us. We are working at it and hope to find some balance soon.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birth Story

Brielle in their room after birth

Liam right after birth
Uncle Kevin aka photographer.
River in the OR
Brielle at the breast a few minutes after birth.

We were scheduled for August 19, 2011 at 11am. Sidney and I woke up early and played with the boys and gave them a few gifts from their new baby sisters and brother. Grandma and Uncle Shawn were at the house to keep them company and to have fun.

We got admitted on the same floor as the NICU and the babies were monitored. Our nurse Cindy was amazing. She truly made the experience better. I have a tendency to get very nervous and she helped make the transition to surgery a better one.

Walking down to surgery was a bit scary and I was so excited. I was nervous about the surgery and the health of the babies. I held my belly the entire time, telling our little ones all will be well and we will meet you soon. We were greeted by our fantastic perinatologist. I felt better once I saw her. She is a really smart doctor. I knew she would do everything possible to ensure the babies and I were healthy. Sidney stayed with me while they place the spinal. The anesthesiologist was freindly and funny and helped make it light and ease my nerves.

Once the spinal was placed things went very fast. I wanted to babies to stay attached to their cords until the pulsing of the umbilical cord stopped. My brother Kevin was their ready to take pictures. Baby A Brielle was the first to be born, the doctors placed her on my legs to let the cord pulse then her sister Baby B, River came out they laid next to each other as their cords finished. They were crying and were taken over to the waiting neonatology team. I was able to look over and see them. The two girls had apgars of 9. Our Baby C, Liam was harder to get to. He was laying transverse under my ribs, tucked way up high. My brother said the our doctor had her entire arm inside my abdomen as she worked to get Liam out. It took several minutes. She had to find a leg and pull on it to guide him out. When he came out he started to cry. He was much smaller than his sisters.

All three babies were crying as they were assessed. It was beautiful to hear them.

All the babies measured very close to each other a few weeks ago at our last growth scan. It looks like Liam only gained a few ounces in the last month. He was smaller and having some respiratory issues.

Within a few minutes I had Brielle on my chest and she was latched on trying to nurse, it was fantastic to have her in my arms, next was Liam I was able to hold him with my other arm. I missed River, but she was being assessed. It was a beautiful experience to be able to hold my sweet babies. They were so warm and beautiful.

All three babies were brought to the Nicu, Sidney went up with them and my brother Kevin stayed with me.

I went back to the room and a nurse helped me start pumping so I could start getting milk and colostrum.

I missed the babies so much and worked at getting my legs to move so I could see the babies. Within 3 and 1/2 hours I was in my wheelchair and up with the babies. It was amazing. I was able to put them to the breast and initiate breastfeeding. They were all in their warming beds and I fell in love with them immediately.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Here are some pics of the babies. I will write more later. The babies are still in the NICU. They are beautiful and doing well. We love them so much.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Report from Kari's older brother:

Kari and Sidney are doing fantastic. The trips are amazing. Baby A is named Brielle and 5 pounds 8 ounces, Baby B is named River and 5 pounds 6 ounces, and Baby C is named Liam and 4 pounds 10 ounces. Babies are in the NICU and will likely stay for 10 days to 3 weeks. More pics and news forthcoming :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today is the day...


Today is the day we meet out three little ones. We are so excited. I am nervous and eagerly anticipating their arrival. I will absolutely miss my two little ones at home while I have and recover from surgery. We have a good folks watching them and Sidney will come home to help ease the newness of us being gone. We also have some new toys to keep them busy.

My brother should be able to update with some photos later today or tomorrow.

If you are local please remember the NICU does not allow any visitors. You are more than welcome to visit Sidney and I in the hospital. It may be awhile until the babies are able to meet you.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yikes, I am so uncomfortable

Before I complain, here are two happy swimming boys that really make me smile...

Here I am at 34 weeks and 2 Days. The pain I have heard of is here. Wow, I woke up Monday morning and have been having a ton of very painful contractions. On top of that my hips, back and stomach hurt so bad. I can't stop the tears. I am usually so stoic and have an "everything is okay" personality. Well now things have changed. I hope I can hold up until Friday. I called the nurse today and she said probably just pain from the weight of the babies. Was told to call if water breaks or any bleeding. My ears are plugged as is my nose. Wow, I am really complaining here.

I never had any of this with my previous two pregnancies. When I was in labor with my last I never used medication and was in labor for 17 hours. I know our memories of labor pain leave us, but I am sure this hurts more.

The plan was to have a special week with the boys. Well now they keep asking "Why is Mommy crying". I guess my high pain tolerance inherited from the Morgan side is doing nothing to help. It helps with other things so I am thankful.

Here I am wish me luck. I will try a bath and hope it helps. I do want these little ones to stay in until Friday. We have everything set up and we are really looking forward to meeting them.

We will update once they arrive.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

34 Weeks

Here we are at 34 weeks. I am excited and still nervous. Each time I speak to our doctor and learn more about the birth and the fact that they will work hard to follow the birth plan and the baby care plan I feel more comfortable. As long as we can go until Friday we will have a great doctor who will work with our for surgery. He also was the surgeon who worked on our previous 2 cesareans.

I am still nervous about the anesthesia. The last time the spinal went a bit high and I had to lie flat for many hours and it was so tricky to breastfeed. I am hoping with prior consultation this will not happen.

I have also been in contact with the lovely lactation consultant and we are so happy she will be there on the day we deliver. I have never had any children separated at birth and I really don't know how I will be able to deal with it. I have always slept with the babies and nursed them and cuddled them during our hospital stay. I am not sure how to deal with having them in a separate room. We will see how things go. I want Sidney to go home on the day they are born and be with the boys and put them down for bed. That way they will have a sense of normalcy, but it will be so hard to be left at the hospital in a room away from my babies. I will hope they are breathing room air and can come to our room.

Today was a work day, I insisted on having all the boxes of the boys toys brought upstairs so I could sort through them and get them organized. My Mom worked so hard too. I started at noon and we just finished. Of course, we had a few breaks. It all got done and the boys were so excited to find new (old) toys. Kian went to bed with a "new for him" doll I made years ago and Kai went to bed with a Kimodo dragon he got at the zoo many years ago. It was so sweet to see. I love those beautiful boys so much.

We have 5 days until we meet our little trio. Sidney will take Tuesday off to get some extra rest. He has been working so hard, I am so happy he will take a day off. We plan to take the boys somewhere special and I plan on taking each of them by themselves somewhere. Being away from them will be so hard.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost 34 weeks

Here we are almost 34 weeks. Sunday will mark 34. I am so nervous and excited. I am so very happy that there was no bedrest. I would have missed my little boys so much. I feel good. We had a non-stress test on Monday, it lasted 3 hours. It was a bit tiring. The one on Thursday was much better. Our great doctor suggested we do the non-stress test in the ultrasound room. The ultrasonographers were able to find the babies and the fantastic nurse was able to hook everyone up. We were done in under an hour! I think we are finished with appointments until Thursday of next week. Just a quick OB visit, get a type and cross for blood and then Friday is the surgery.

I hope we can make it to 34 weeks and 5 days. I have been having a lot of contractions. I hope we can make it to that day. There are a lot of great people who are working that day and we want them to work with me and the babies.

We may use breastmilk from a human breastmilk bank. The great nurses and doctors are trying to figure out how much we need until my milk comes in. It is wonderful that a milk bank exists. For those of us who want to exclusively breastfeed, it is a wonderful resource.

We had a fun day today. The boys have been very interested in fishing lately. My brother Shawn and I took the boys to a local trout farm. The boys each caught a fish. They were so excited. It took a bit longer to catch the fish than I had thought. They had so much fun. Now Kai is so excited about cooking his fish for dinner in a few minutes.

We think we have decided on names. Baby A: Brielle Lyra Frazier, Baby B: I like Kira, Sidney likes River. Baby C: Liam Easton Frazier.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost 33 weeks


Here is an early morning photo of Kian and I. My belly button is many inches lower than normal, the boys think it is so funny.

Breathing is so much easier now that the babies are head down. I am able to sleep better.

My mom has been here for several days and has been helping and working so hard. Sidney asked if she was nesting. She has shampooed all carpets in the house and the couches. She is helping to organize the house. We still do not know what to expect, we are unsure when the babies will come and what we will do once they are here. I have been thinking that staying in the bedroom with them for the first few weeks might be better. That way they could be next to the bed and nurse on demand. I think I will miss the boys too much and end up shuttling the babies to the living room. We have been gifted and bought many contraptions to help keep the little ones comfortable. We have swings, bouncers and boppies. We never used these with the boys, but I believe it will be necessary once we have three little ones in the house.

We are very excited and looking forward to meeting the trio. We are still working on names. I have several options that I love, but Sidney likes others. We will find names for each of them hopefully before the 19th.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

32 week update

Today we went to the perinatologist for a long appointment. We were there for 5 hours. Wow, I am tired. Today I am 32weeks and 4 days. The cesarean is scheduled for August 19th, we are very excited and very nervous about meeting our three new little ones in the next two weeks.

The non stress test went well, they were able to get tracings on all of the babies. The growth ultrasound was great too. It is always fun to see our little ones. All of the babies are head down. I was wondering why my hips were so sore. Baby A is right above the cervix, baby B's head is next to my left hip and baby c's head is above his sisters. It is amazing how much they can still move.

The weights:
Baby A: 4lb 6oz
Baby B: 4lb 10oz
Baby C: 4lb 10 oz.

My cervix is holding and is 3.5cm in length. We hope to make it this additional two weeks. I am still taking nifedipine for contractions. It seems to help a lot, though it wears off at 5.5 hours. I start getting contractions again.

We met with a couple post partum doulas who will be able to volunteer their time to help our family once the babies are born. I want Kai and Kian to feel loved and happy. I am so thankful for the great women we have met who will help us.

That is all for now, I must sleep...

Friday, July 29, 2011

31 week update

Well i didn't bid high enough to get the huge van. Back to the beginning. We will find something though. It was fun going to the auction. Sidney, Shawn and Aunt Sandra came along. I learned a lot and if we do not find something Sidney will go back at the end of August. I think three infant seats will fit in the back of my car.

I went in last week for my weekly checkup. My doctor is out of town and we saw one of here colleagues. He seems like a great doctor. My cervix shortened by 2cm. I think it was because of all of the contractions on Tuesday. I was having them every 5 minutes for most of the day. It is now measuring at 3.75cm. Which is still good I was told. They did a Fetal Fibronectin and it was negative. With that the hope is I will not deliver for 2 weeks. We want these babies to stay in for a few more weeks so they continue to mature. They did a non stress test and all was well. We will start going in for them 2 times a week.

I have been so very tired. I never knew this kind of fatigue could happen. I just want to lay around. With the two boys and household chores it is not possible for too long. I am still taking it easy. My brother Shawn really helped today. He made the boys eggs and did the dishes. It was a great help. Especially since Sidney worked so long today.

I am doing my best to grow these happy little babies. I am taking my vitamins and fish oil. As of today I have slowed down and will take it easier. I have been on my feet too much and doing too much around the house. I want these little ones to stay in so they can grow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vehicle for 5 children in car seats

We will have 5 children in car seats. Right now we drive a Camry so that will not work. We have been to a lot of dealers looking at vehicles and everything looks so small. Today I went to a government auto auction preview. I found a huge full size van. It seats 8 and has 4 latch and 4 tether attachments. I think it would be a really good vehicle for us. Wish me luck on getting the bid I am hoping for.

Monday, July 25, 2011

31 Weeks

Here is my 31 week belly. These little ones are growing.

Yesterday marked 31 weeks of this triplet pregnancy journey. I am feeling good. I am still hoping for 35 weeks. I feel tired and my body feels a little funny, but otherwise all is well. I will go in for a checkup on Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Week Update

Today is 30 weeks and 3 days. Today was a quick cervix check. Good news, my cervix is still 5.6cm long. The babies are active and looking good.

I am still having a lot of contractions, though they are not shortening my cervix which is great to hear.

I am feeling good. Sleeping is difficult, but good. I received some great advice it was to install a rope hanging from the ceiling to help move and get out of bed. We need to get it installed.

Today was the first day we went car shopping. I really think a full sized van is our best option. We looked at a few minivans and they are so small. I just keep hoping Mercedes will knock on the door and say here is a brand new Sprinter-Enjoy!

Well since that is not going to happen we need to keep looking. We will look at a few tomorrow and we hope to find something. I want to ensure we find a vehicle before the babies come.

The doctor told me that if I went into preterm later they probably could not stop it, but could hold off labor for hopefully 2 days. She said that in those 2 days steroids would be given to help lungs mature and Magnesium to help prevent complications.

I really hope these little ones wait several more weeks. We really want to get to the end of August.

I am hoping we have everything we need for these little babies. We have bought a lot of gear. We have three car seats, 3 swings and 2 bouncers. We received a lot of great gear at our baby shower too.

Now we need to line up more help. My Mom, Brother and Aunt should be able to help a lot, but I think we will need more.

I know we will need help with the household and our older boys more than help with the babies. I was told to put signs all over the house so if folks come over they need what we need help with. An example is a sign to invite folks to the laundry room and if they feel inclined to help with diapers.

I think keeping Kai and Kian loved and entertained will be something we need help with.

The plan is to nurse the babies every 3 hours and try to keep them on a schedule. We never did that with our other two boys, I know I will not feel comfortable letting the babies cry and if they are hungry in between the 3 hours I will definitely nurse them. It seems cruel to tell a baby that they are not hungry and to wait until it is convenient to allow them to eat. We will need to get a lactation consultant here once to babies are born to help with nursing three.

Well this went a little longer with ramblings than I expected.

We had a fun day. Great doctor appointment. The boys had fun in tennis class and we had a chance to look at vehicles.

Wish us luck as we finish up with all we need to do.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Almost 30 weeks pregnant with triplets

Here are a few snapshots from the ultrasound. Only baby C made an appearance. Baby A and Baby B were hiding facing my spine.

Baby C had his foot up above his head.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

29 Weeks Pregnant with Triplets

Here we are at 29 weeks and 3 days. This journey has been so wonderful, exciting and a little frightening. The thought of caring for 5 children after having 2 is a little daunting, but we will take it day by day and find our families rhythm.

Today was the 29 week checkup. We began with a non stress test. It was wild. We were there for over an hour and the nurse was trying to monitor each baby individually all at the same time. Each babies heart rate had to be recorded simultaneously in order to know they had them all on the monitors, otherwise she said if they do them individually they may repeat the same baby. It was tricky. Sidney, the nurse and I all held onto the monitoring device to try and get their heartbeats. Those little guys were moving all over and the tracings were very spotty. The nurse did a great job and got what they needed.

Then we had a growth scan here are the results:
Baby A: 3 pounds 1 ounce
Baby B: 3 pounds 6 ounces
Baby C: 3 pounds 4 ounces
It was very exciting we were able to see baby C so well. We saw him inhaling amniotic fluid and the Ultrasonographer got some fantastic 4D images of him. He was resting his little foot on his forehead. I will try to get some still shots from it up here tomorrow if I can find the time.

I have included a 29 week photo from tonight. I am having a really hard time finding shirts that will cover my belly. I think I have a few more weeks with that yellow one.

My cervix measured at 5.63cm. I was very happy to hear this. I have been having so many contractions, especially yesterday. I got a bit worried wondering if had changed. The doctor also did a Fetal Fibronectin test. I asked her to do it to reassure me that I was not going to deliver in the next two weeks. It measures a level to see whether or not there is a likelihood for delivery in the next two weeks.

It was a long appointment and we missed the boys. Mom and Uncle Shawn stayed at the house and watched them. They all had so much fun. When we walked up to the house we heard all of them playing hide and go seek.

Sidney and I were able to go out and have a nice dinner on our own. It is our second alone dinner in 5 years. I love our little boys and love spending time with them. I missed them, but it was fantastic to have Sidney all to myself. It was a great day.