Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 weeks

We are all getting adjusted to late night wakings. Liam is still in the hospital. It is the funniest thing the girls and Liam, though separated love to party at night. All of them are most active during the late night hours.

Liam is doing great. He is working at getting stronger and learning how to eat. Last night was his best night and each day he is eating more and more by the bottle. I fed him the other night using suggested techniques of holding his chin and cheeks while he eats. It was tricky and he was tired.

We want him home and are looking forward to the day we are all together. It has been really tricky some days getting to the hospital. We are still driving a Camry so we can't all go to the hospital together. I don't have anyone to watch the older boys so I have to wait until Sidney gets home from work. He has been working long hours so there are days I miss going to the hospital to see Liam. Those are the hardest days. It is so unnatural to be separated from a baby. I love that little guy (all of them) and miss him so much!

I took some photos of all the babies together when I was there yesterday. They were so relaxed and loved sleeping together.

I will write more later Brielle is and River are awake.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 weeks

Brielle and River are home and having fun. Kai and Kian are so in love with their little brother and sisters. The two girls are pretty active at night and waking quite a bit. During the day they are more mellow and sleep a lot longer. It is so nice to have them home and we really hope Liam will be home soon. Liam is working on feeding and getting stronger. We miss him so much. Now that Sidney is back at work we take turns going to spend time with Liam. When I go I take the girls with me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We are so excited to have folks meet our little ones. The next few days are going to be very busy, after that just call or e-mail and let us know if you would like to stop by.

We have been given some pretty strict recommendations by the NICU doctor and nurses. We need to ensure our little ones stay healthy.

The following is not intended to exclude anyone or to hurt feelings. It must be adhered to. We will do whatever we can to keep our little ones safe. I hope you understand and help us.

1. Only folks over age 18 can stop by. Younger ones may inadvertently bring in a virus.

2. If you have or have been near anyone with the following plea
se wait a few weeks to visit: cold sore, fever blister, sore throat, coughing, rash, fever sneezing, or have a cold, flu or bacterial infection. If you feel sick or have been near anyone who is sick please wait a few weeks.

3. If you smoke, you will not be able to hold the babies. Cigarette smoke stays on your hair and clothes and the chemicals could harm the little ones sensitive lungs.

4. If you have had the following vaccines you will have to wait, they contain a live virus that has the possibility of being transmitted: shingles, chicken pox or Mumps Measles and Rubella.

5. You will need to remove your shoes, coat or sweater and wash hands as you come into the house.

6. If the babies are sleeping we need you to wait and pick them up when they are awake.

I know that is a lot to ask. We hope any visitors understand.


Here is how the gals like to travel these days. They are in a Mei Tai baby carrier together. If anyone knows of a crafty sewer please let me know. I want to have a wider Mei Tai made to carry all three.

Brielle and River home waiting on our Liam...

Brielle was the first to come home on September 1st, we were so excite and surprised how quickly she was ready. River came home on the 4th. Liam will soon follow. He is working on growing and eating. We miss him so much.

I am still having breastfeeding issues. Everyday is a new day and I know this hard work will pay off. I know a day soon, I will awake to plenty of milk for my little trio. It is so difficult not being able to provide my little ones with my breastmilk. I am trying to relax and know with time it will happen. The lactation consultants have been phenomenal!

Here is Brielle's first bath at home in their little "tummy tub" and River on the sling. They both loved the water.

Here is my Mom with Brielle. My Mom has been a great help. She is in love with these sweet little ones.

Liam's had his first bath. We just did his first bath today. I asked them to wait until I was able to do it. He has soft curly hair like his sisters. He was so happy to sit in the water without any cords or monitors.

We are so happy to have our 2 gals home and we are eagerly awaiting Liam. Kai and Kian love their little brother and sisters. They have helped so much when they visit the NICU. They both sing to them and hold the babies heads. They even helped change diapers! The nurses were great when the boys visited and did all they could to make it a great experience for all of us.