Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Wonderful and the not so wonderful...

It is so wonderful being pregnant with these three little ones. We are so excited about their arrival, though we do want them to hold off for another 8 weeks. The boys are getting more and more excited. Sidney and I are still really nervous about how we will make everything work, but we are so happy and so in love with this trio.

It is such a nice feeling to feel them all moving. I am able to distinguish each babies movements from each other. Baby A is in the breech position. She is the most active and the strongest. She is on my left side all the way at the bottom. Baby B is up near my ribs, her bum is at my sternum, she is more relaxed and more rolly than those strong movements of A. Both A and B have their heads next to each other. Then Baby C is hiding in a spot near my spine on the right side. He is a little mover, though not as strong as his sister. Sometimes all is quiet then one baby moves and the others follow in a lovely flow of movements. They love hearing their brothers talk and when Kai and Kian sing and play the guitar they dance to the sounds. Sidney's warm hand on my belly is usually received with a movement of hello. We are all having so much fun!

Today we went in for a checkup, all was well. My cervix is measuring a bit over 5cm. The doctor put me on nifedipine, and it is yucky. I was feeling great today until I took it. It have given me a headache, nausea, taken away my energy and made me dizzy. There is no way I can take this medicine and continue with all I do everyday. Some days I rarely have contractions and we do so much. Other days I have a lot of contractions and I sit around the house with the boys. The doctor thinks this medicine is a good insurance policy in case the contractions start to shorten my cervix or cause dilation. He said my uterus thinks it is full term and does not know I am only 27 weeks along. I am hoping they will reconsider and think it is safe to stay off it and just keep checking my cervix. In two weeks we have a very long appointment probably 4-5 hours. We will have a checkup, growth scan and non stress test. It should be fun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun with the boys..

We went to a fun day at the museum of flight last week. I was feeling good with minimal contractions and was able to walk around for almost 3 hours. That is pretty good. It is funny how some days I feel great with not too much discomfort and other days I have so many contractions and it is uncomfortable to even walk to the bathroom. I wish most days were the easier days, but they are what they are.

Back to the fun. The boys were so happy to go to the Museum of Flight, it had been at least 6 weeks since we had gone. It was the day of the annual Firefighter Day. There were tons of firetrucks, an ambulance and a few Sheriff vehicles. The boys had a chance to get into every vehicle and meet lots of rescue folks. Afterwards we went for a quick little walk in the museum. It was a great day!

I am 27 weeks along and feeling pretty big. We go for a check-up tomorrow I will update afterwards.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What not to say to the pregnant mom of triplets.

Please don't tell a mom carrying triplets that she looks small. We are growing three babies in here and we have no control on their growth. When I was pregnant with my singletons I was always asked if I was carrying twins or more, I must be as I was "huge". Now people inquire about my pregnancy and ask the gender on occasion I mention I am carrying triplets. Very often I hear "you are so small to have three", I say I am only half way there or so many weeks along, which I hear "you are still small".
I know there is no offense intended, but it is not a good feeling for a mother of multiple fetuses or even a mother or a singleton to hear they are small. All we want are healthy happy babies and for multiples we want them large.

How about other responses, just don't say I look small.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Watch what you eat when pregnant...

Yesterday we had a lovely father's day. We all went to the zoo and had dinner out. Everyone had a great day. I the pregnant lady got food poisoning. It is a Thai restaurant we have gone to for years. I have got to say food poisoning while pregnant is no fun. Thank goodness my mother came down to help out today. It has wiped me out. I am thankful Dr. D gave me some zofran.

I am feeling better tonight. Who knew that slight dehydration could cause a whole lot of contractions. Wow the ibuprofen would not stop them or even touch them. Lots of hard contractions. The doc felt good that it was due to food poisoning so no need to go in.

We met two ladies today who may be interested in adopting Canoe our newfoundland. We love that dog and hate to see him go. The thought of 5 children and 2 big dogs is a lot of work. We need to streamline and Canoe requires a lot of time to groom. The first lady was lovely, Sidney met the second lady and her dog attacked Canoe and even drew blood. Needless to say that is not the family for him. The first lady walks 3.5 miles a day and lives on a farm. We will go to the farm this week and see if it is a good fit.

I hope these little babies grew in spite of the 24 hour tummy problems. Grow babies grow!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to my sweet husband. He took today off after I begged him to. We are getting ready to go out for some fun. He has been working close to 70 hours a week the last few weeks. He is working so hard as we are trying to save up for a van. This is his first father's day with us since the boys were born. We are so excited to have him home today.

He is the most amazing father. He is so patient and has so much fun with the boys.

I am officially 26 weeks pregnant with out threesome. We are hoping to hold out until 36 weeks. The babies have been so active. Especially baby A, she is a dancing machine.

Next year he will celebrate Father's day with 5 children! Amazing!

I also think about my Dad on days like today. I truly miss him and wish he was here to share in all the fun and excitement that is going on in our lives. I know he would be in love with our boys and share in the excitement of the upcoming 3. I think about him so often, but especially on father's day. I wish my children had a chance to know him. My Dad knew how to have fun with little ones and my boys would have adored him. Here is a reminder to anyone reading this, go get a Colonoscopy and tell everyone you love to go get one. Colon Cancer can be prevented with proper screening. I love you Dad!

Back to the here and now. Happy Father's day to my dear husband. Thank you for your love, patience and care. We all love you and appreciate you so much!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growth Scan III

We went in today for our monthly growth scan. All the family was there and our special guest was Aunt Sandra. She was able to see the babies and the boys were so happy to see her.

The scan lasted 2.5 hours, the boys were pretty antsy and it was tough to stay in the room for them. To make it a little trickier we were in a room the size of a closet. It was not the normal spacious room, but seriously a room that looked like a tiny closet. So there was my husband, our two boys, myself, Aunt Sandra and the ultrasonographer all in a tiny room. It was pretty hot in there. It was out first visit to their north campus and I like the other location much better. It seems to be ran much more smoother and their customer service is better. Our ultrasonographer was fantastic though, she was so sweet, interactive and an all around lovely gal.

All babies looked good. Their growth and anatomy all looked good. My cervix is holding strong at a bit over 5 cm. Here are the measurements for the babies:

Baby A (girl): 1lb 14 ounces
Baby B (girl): 1lb 13 ounces
Baby C (boy): 1lb 12 ounces

We found out as long as babies and my body stay healthy and happy we can go to 36 weeks. They say that rarely happens. I can hope though.

It was a fun day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

How to do it all...

On a normal Sunday the boys and I would be busy having fun outside while Sidney worked. It is amazing how different life is this year. I am so tired I constantly find myself sitting or lying on the couch. Instead of having a super involved ever present Momma my two boys are spending a lot of time playing or watching tv. It is not an ideal situation, but I wonder what else to do.

These two beautiful boys are use to having a lot of fun and entertainment. I wonder if it will affect them for a long time. How does one go from having so much fun and going everywhere to spending their days at home? Sure, we still have fun and do are projects and on good days go to parks, outdoor adventures and zoos.

How will I "do it all" once the threesome comes? Is it possible for the boys to have the same sort of life that they are accustomed to? I tell them all the time that this is temporary and Mommy will be back to her energetic self chasing them around. I want that so much, but will it happen? Won't I be sitting nursing three babies for at least the next year. Yes it will get easier as time passes. I wonder how one has enough hours in the day. I sincerely hope all the beautiful fun of our everyday stays with us. I hope I will find a new way of keeping our reading intimate. Yes there will be 5 children, but I will have to figure out how to hold all of them. I want to ensure there is a strong attachment among myself, Sidney, our boys and the new babies. I also want to maintain the same sort of life style for the babies as our boys had: breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, Ec'ing and all around attachment parenting. I will do my best. It is so important that these children feel as loved as they are.

Well those are my thoughts and worries. I love our family so much. I want them to always feel that love.

Thank you for reading...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

25 weeks: baby kicking fest...

These little ones are busy as can be. They are moving up a storm. I wonder if one bumps in to the other and makes the others move. It is a lovely feeling having three little babies dancing about in my belly.

We are expecting two girls and a boy. Names are more difficult when we need three of them. Here are a few choices so far, any favorites.

For the girls: Brielle, Kira, River, Ocean, Kiara, Lily, Ireland, Ava, Brynn, Lyra and Willow.
For the boy: Liam, Aiden, Evan, Grayson, Miles and Markus.

Kai and Kian are as rambunctious as ever. These boys love to go, go, go.

We go in for another growth scan on Thursday.

My 2 hour Glucose Tolerance went well. They said I have hypoglycemia and that explains the dizziness. I am suppose to eat every 2 hours. I guess the fact that I am a vegetarian does not help. I don't think I could eat meat after not doing so for 20 years. I can still handle fish, just not too often.

Friday, June 10, 2011

24 Weeks

Here we are at 24 weeks. I had heard about the fatigue that can come when carrying triplets. It is hear. I remember being 9 month pregnant with my second son and mowing the lawn. Not because my husband wouldn't, but because I am pushy and like to do it.

Today is an entirely different Story. I am so tired it takes a tremendous amount of energy just to go get a glass of water. My two boys are suffering. They do not have their fun Mom, who would usually take them on fun trips throughout the week. Instead they have a tired Mommy making an imprint on the couch. It will get better. I have heard this fatigue does not last the entire pregnancy. It will fade.

Kai and Kian are adjusting, but we are keeping them busy with fun activities.