Saturday, September 29, 2012

The first year with triplets and two big boys

I am back.  My computer was broken for almost 6 months.  There has been a lot of growing and learning in that time.

River when she was born

River Now

Brielle when she was born

Brielle now

Liam when he was born

Liam now

Our little ones turned one and Kian turned 4!


This past year has been amazing, the hardest in my life and also the most rewarding.  I am so happy I pulled so many  all nighters during college and my "fun" years.  They prepared me for the sleepless nights. 

I have made gallons of homemade goat formula, I still breastfeed Brielle and no matter how many doctors I saw (8) I could not make enough milk for all three.  It is still so difficult to admit that and deal with that.  Never would I have imagined I would not have enough milk. 

I have washed over 365 loads of cloth diapers.  We usually do one load a day, but sometimes two. On average we do 4 loads of laundry a day.

We have gone to the zoo or other local attraction most weeks.  Somtimes we venture out to places twice a week. 

We have tried every sleeping arrangement and the only one that works is co-sleeping.  Everyone wants to be able to touch Mommy at night.  It makes sleep a little harder for me, but the babies sleep so much better.

 Bedtime stories. (yes their is a refrigerator in our family room, we have a lot of mouths to feed)

We moved in July.  We packed everything ourselves with the help of my Mom.  My brother was in town too and helped Sidney.  Sidney did so many loads on his own with a u-haul and his truck.  It was long and exhausting, we are still unpacking and organizing.  Those people who hire movers and packers and say how hard it is really have no idea.  But I guess we all have different ways to measure things.

Taking the babies out it public is interesting.  I have never been one who likes attention from strangers.  I like going places with my children and focusing on them and being close to them.  We are stopped so often.  We get some nice compliments, but some really bad comments and crazy questions.  I think every parent of multiples knows exactly what I mean.

Here is the rundown from their 12 month checkup last week:

30.75 inches tall
25 pounds 6.5 ounces
47cm head

30.5 inches tall
25pounds 14 ounces
47cm head

30.25 inches tall
22 pounds 7.5 ounces
50cm head.

Brielle can walk, she is still learning and walks about 30% of the time. She is our serious girl.  A fantastic smile and so so sweet.

River is cruising and prefers to crawl.  She extends on to her tippy toes and with some more physical therapy I think she will be there in a few weeks. River is quite the climber and so funny.  She has a beautiful boisterous laugh.  She loves to smile and make everyone laugh. 

Liam learned to crawl last month.  He just learned to pull up to a stand. He is wobbly, but what a great accomplishment.   He is getting physical therapy two times a week.  He is still pretty weak, but getting better.  He has had a lot of tests with his neurologist they all came back negative, which is a good thing.  The thought is birth injury.  Something must have happened when he was born that caused whatever this is.  The MRI is ok, genetic tests are negative, metabolic are pending.  We do not know why he is so week.  He has a fantastic physical therapist. She is truly wonderful.  We are lucky to have her come see him twice a week.  Maybe Liam will need a walker to help him learn to walk, but he will get there.  The hope is that he can blend in with typical kids and if not we will work with all that is Liam. We just started water therapy and it seems to be helping too.  We love him.  He is funny and so smart.

That is all for now.  A fantastic year with so much fun.