Friday, February 8, 2013

Our little ones are almost 18 months

Here are some pictures of the little ones.  The babies are almost one and a half, Kai is 7 and Kian is 4.  Time is going by so quickly.  These babies are growing fast too.  Brielle and River and running, climbing and jumping everywhere they go. You name the thing to climb and they are doing it.  Liam is working on walking, his therapist brought over a walker.  He does not enjoy the walker and will only do it when Kai helps.  He will go back to the neurologist for an EMG and another myelination test.  He is doing well, he crawls everywhere and is holding on to things to stand.  He loves to climb on the couch and indoor climber.  He walks when we help and hold his hands.  We are letting him take his time.  He loves to sit on the floor with books and toys, he is very focused and mastering his fine motor skills. 

Here are some pictures of everyone. 

                                            Liam, Brielle and River
                                             Kai with Kimodo Dragon
                                                     Winter Beach Trip
                                                           Liam on the beach...brrrr
                                                       River and Kian
                                             Liam, River and Brielle at Burke
                                            Curious little gals
                                           Kai and Kian climbing a tree at the zoo
                                             Trip up to see Grandma
                                                       The girls had so much fun at Mom's
                                           Uncle Kevin teaching Kai how to skate
                                            Uncle Shawn with boys older boys on his motorcycle
                                                      Uncle Shawn helping Kian on the skateboard

                                                            Sidney and Brielle

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